"Of the physiotherapists that I've worked with, David is among the best. He clearly understands my needs as an athlete whether it's treatment or exercises specific to my sport. We have been able to keep my achilles problems and plantarfasciitis at bay so I can compete injury-free. While we've been able to fix my injuries, we've also been able to prevent common ones among triathletes. I completely trust David and his team to get me to perform at my highest level."





“As a trainer myself, I move nonstop.  When I tore my hamstring, I was hesitant because of my previous experience at PT.  That changed drastically with Luke, who spent much more time hands-on and digging deep for the issues related to my injury and educating me so that I could understand exactly what to do, and how much.  Luke has single-handedly kept me moving and working out, all the while still reducing pain and fixing injuries.  Six weeks later I am back to deadlifting and even triathlon training! This guy has my full trust!”




"I first started working with David when I aggravated my SI joint about one month out from a national powerlifting competition. He helped me through that issue as well as a plethora of others as time went on. Two years later I’ve broken three World Records and if I wasn’t working with David I likely would have injured myself out of the sport by now.”




"What's great about working with Luke is that I saw immediate improvement in the most apparent symptoms but we also worked the root cause and related issues. My movement as a person has changed as a whole for the better. I have better mobility, body awareness, balance, activation, and less pain. I'm able to do more of what I want to do with my body that 10 years ago."