Benchmark Series: Bodyweight Pull-up


We’re really excited to roll out our Benchmark Series this year. Our objective? To provide a little insight on how your body should move and how much it can actually handle. We want to help develop a standard for foundational movements while adding some clarity on the why’s and how’s.

The #Motivchallenge this month tests your ability to perform a bodyweight pull-up. Pull-ups because its a compound movement that requires muscle balance and grip strength. Bodyweight because anything less seems kind of pointless. Make sure to keep it strict and not to swing your body with each rep. In order for it to count, your chin needs to be over the bar. The challenge is to add 1-5 more reps to your max number of pull-ups by the end of month.

Need some direction? Use our pull-up program and follow along on Instagram for accompanying instructional videos!


Summer Long Run Series

We know you're not ready for the summer to be over yet and certainly not done marathon training. MOTIVNY and BMWi are here to help. Come prep with our second long run of our series on September 9. Here are the details

  • Rolling start in two locations
    • MOTIVNY @ 6:30-7AM (17 miles)
    • Grand Army Plaza @ 7:30-8AM (14 miles)
    • Optional ~2 miles in Rockaway for 16 and 20 mile total
  • Mobile bag check provided by @BMWi
  • Nutrition fueled by @ScienceInSport
  • Bike support and recovery station set up at Rippers by @Motivny
  • Suggested route link in bio
  • Remember to pack for the beach
  • No sign-up or hand-holding here
  • We'll see you at Rockaway


Summer Long Run Series

We're right in the thick of marathon season, so MOTIVNY and BMWi are supporting a long run series starting July 29. Here are the details you need. 

  • Rolling start in two locations:
  • Mobile bag check provided by BMWi
  • Nutrition fueled by Science In Sport
  • Recovery station set up at Rippers by MOTIVNY
  • Remember to pack for the beach
  • No hand-holding here
  • We'll see you at Rockaway



Juggernaut Performance Summit

The Performance Summit brings together experts in the 4 most critical aspects of training to help effectively educate coaches and athletes about Program Design, Nutrition, Movement and Recovery. The Summit is a full day of lecture and Q&A presented by Juggernaut Training Systems, Renaissance Periodization and Clinical Athlete featuring Chad Wesley Smith, Dr. James Hoffman, Dr. Quinn Henoch, and Dr. Mike Israetel.