Summer Long Run Series

We know you're not ready for the summer to be over yet and certainly not done marathon training. MOTIVNY and BMWi are here to help. Come prep with our second long run of our series on September 9. Here are the details

  • Rolling start in two locations
    • MOTIVNY @ 6:30-7AM (17 miles)
    • Grand Army Plaza @ 7:30-8AM (14 miles)
    • Optional ~2 miles in Rockaway for 16 and 20 mile total
  • Mobile bag check provided by @BMWi
  • Nutrition fueled by @ScienceInSport
  • Bike support and recovery station set up at Rippers by @Motivny
  • Suggested route link in bio
  • Remember to pack for the beach
  • No sign-up or hand-holding here
  • We'll see you at Rockaway


David JouComment