Benchmark Series: Bodyweight Pull-up


We’re really excited to roll out our Benchmark Series this year. Our objective? To provide a little insight on how your body should move and how much it can actually handle. We want to help develop a standard for foundational movements while adding some clarity on the why’s and how’s.

The #Motivchallenge this month tests your ability to perform a bodyweight pull-up. Pull-ups because its a compound movement that requires muscle balance and grip strength. Bodyweight because anything less seems kind of pointless. Make sure to keep it strict and not to swing your body with each rep. In order for it to count, your chin needs to be over the bar. The challenge is to add 1-5 more reps to your max number of pull-ups by the end of month.

Need some direction? Use our pull-up program and follow along on Instagram for accompanying instructional videos!


David JouComment