New York City to Rockaway Run

100 runners joined MOTIV NY for 20 miles from Manhattan to Far Rockaway Beach. They made the run on a grey summer Saturday in preparation for the Berlin Marathon. 

The route took our runners though 3 boroughs, above and under trains, and through a heavy storm. Motiv and BMW were there every step of the way, fueling the runners and giving them brief respite from the tough condition.


8AM Route Description and Prep

At the meet-up, we made sure that athletes could effectively prepare for the run both mentally and physically. They warmed up and did their activation exercises, picked up last minute supplies, and were briefed on all the moving parts of a 20-mile, point-to-point run. Athletes were reminded that part of training is learning to respond to the unexpected, and inclement weather is often part of racing.

unnamed.jpg (4).gif

820AM Leaving Manhattan

The weather held for the first few steps. Just long enough to cross the Williamsburg Bridge into Brooklyn. The morning chatter that precedes a long effort was high. (5).gif

830AM The Storm

Then, the weather shifted. If you’ve ever wondered what torrential looks like, here’s a good reference. (6).gif

930AM Respite from the Storm

With the BMW i3, hydration and nutrition were provided at multiple checkpoints along the route. Additionally, bike support rode alongside athletes for supplementary hydration and nutrition and to ensure safety. (7).gif

1030AM Fueling Stop 2

Quick stop for fuel then back to the grind. (8).gif

1140AM Arrival

Athletes arrived at Rippers, a Rockaway Beach classic for oceanside bites and drinks. While the athletes reaped the rewards of their efforts, they were offered recovery essentials—specific nutrition and hydration, as well as compressions boots. Some relaxed on the beach. Others took a plunge. (9).gif