Remember March 2020, when you promised yourself you were going to make the most of your quarantine and crush those at home workouts?  And you did! At least for a while.... Well, let's get you back to that, with our revamped Covid - 19 Kettlebell, Bodyweight, and Kinstretch class program.

You get:

7 weeks of classes - 4 classes per week

Each week has

3 KB or Bodyweight classes (with written program outline)
1 Kinstretch Class
You can choose to follow along with Michael & Ross, or use the program outline on your own time, at your own pace. You're sure to have a great workout and get that body right!
For a one-time payment of $70, you will have lifetime access to the virtual classes. You will also have access to written outlines of each class, so you can  choose to follow along with Michael & Ross, or just use the program outline.
(Your calculations are correct, that is less than $1 per class)