Intro to Hip Mobility

With this DIGITAL PROGRAM, over the course of 4 weeks, you will be guided through 3 weekly mobility sessions that are approximately 20-30 minutes long. Each week emphasizes a different movement aspect of the hip joint.

Friendly staff, clean and modern gym, and strength plans that extend beyond the visit. I’ve recommended friends and family, and if you’re in need, encourage you to check it out.

Eric J

If you're coming either for a class or a PT session I can assure you you're in good caring hands.


Great PT services, as well as group fitness and mobility classes. Just moved to a beautiful new space, highly recommend


What immediately struck me was the level of personalized care I got here....MOTIVNY made me a better, stronger athlete and have forever raised the bar in what I expect out of physical therapy.

Ellen S

Whether you're looking to rehab and get back to competing in any form of sport, or simply looking to address and correct a lingering injury so you can live a pain free life MOTIVNY is the place for you!

Tom M

After my injury, the MOTIVNY team helped me to see the value of working on strength and mobility together. Julie Ann and Michael changed my life. I can now do 5 pull ups and have never looked better.


I struggled with my shoulder mobility for years after my surgery. Not only did working with the MOTIVNY team fix my shoulder, but it made me a better, stronger athlete in general. 100% recommend.


Frequently Asked Questions