Join coach Anita as she takes you through a 4 week intro to hip mobility utilizing techniques from Kinstretch, a targeted and well developed movement system.


While anyone will benefit from this program, it's targeted for those with especially tight hips or those who haven't taken as deep a dive into mobility training just yet.

It's a great way to get exposure to the MOTIVNY style of mobility training while still starting to feel amazing.

You can access class through the group menu items below. Please remember to listen to your body and give yourself a day or two between each session.

What's Included

  • 4 weeks
  • 3 classes a week
  • 30-40 minutes
  • Pre built program schedule to help keep you on track
  • Additional mobility routines and guides included

The Program

  • Week 1 focuses on internal and external rotation.
  • Week 2 is dedicated to flexion and extension
  • Week 3 trains abduction.
  • Week 4 you will be working in the 90/90 position, a more advanced setup that combines multiple planes of motion at the hips.

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The Classes

Each session will start out with Breath & Core Work and at times will also include exercises to generate and control body tension.

Next, comes a segment to warm up and assess the hip joints by way of Axial Rotations and Hip CARs. It also serves as a preparation for the next part, which consists of training the hip movement that is the focus of a particular week.

Each session concludes with a movement sequence with the goal to translate the isolated hip training into a series of compound movements.

This 4 week course is only $40!

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