Move Better. Feel Stronger. Outperform the Competition.

MOTIVNY online fitness plans stress more than just working out. Our coaches and athletes, with an expert team of Therapists  overseeing development, have gone over every element of our programs in detail. Whatever your goals, we've got you covered.
With our app and online portal, you can now access our extensive exercise library, log and track your workouts, and sign up for classes anywhere in the world! 
Sale- Save 50%

Kinstretch Pack + Mobility Segments

Stronger Joints = Less Pain = Better Performance

Take control of your mobility training and experience the benefits of Kinstretch lead by Doctors of Physical Therapy & Elite Movement Coaches.

 What's Included

            • Up to 6 Months of targeted mobility training.
            • 24 classes. 45 minutes each. Conveniently categorized.
            • 40+ additional Mobility Routines, Drills, and Tutorials.
            • All the #hipjello you could want.
            • Lifetime access to our short form Mobility Segments

PROMO PRICE - $75 - (Valued at $149)


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Looking to join a live Zoom workout or in person small group workshop? Or find some Zen during an Infrared Sauna session? We've got you covered.