New Patient Portal

Thanks for trusting us with your treatment, recovery, and fitness here at MOTIVNY. We’ve created this guide to help orient you to our systems and ensure you get the most out of our various platforms so you can recovery faster, train harder, and perform better!


Patient portal Training Portal

patient portal

Training PORTAL & HEP

  • Stores all your pertinent medical and billing information in a HIPPA compliant database.
  • Gives you access to your therapists availability so you can schedule and manage your appointment. Please be sure to sign in using the information provided
  • Once you’ve signed in please complete the following prior to your appointment
  • Create an account to get access to all our online Mobility &Kettlebell programs, sign up for class, or book a sauna session.
  • Working with one of our therapists? This is where you can find you Home Exercise Program (HEP)
  • See below for a detailed guide on how to access your plan.
New Patient Portal
Accessing your HEP
  • Follow the link in the email with subject “Patient Portal Invitation”
  • Log in using the phone number and email you provided in your request
  • Complete your initial Intake forms*
  • Sign the consent form*
  • Enter Your Payment Information *
  • Follow the link in the email with subject “Welcome to MOTIVNY Fitness's Training on MOTIVNY”
  • Log in using the temporary password
  • Your therapist will then build and assign you a HEP, which will appear in you “Workout Calendar” scheduled for the same day as your appointment.
  • Please be sure to go to your settings and change your password to something you can remember.

Accessing your H.E.P

On a computer web browser and in the MOTIVNY App.

Log in and change your password

After logging in using your temporary password provided in your email invitation, please be sure to go into your profile & settings tab to make it something you can remember.

Once saved, you can then go ahead and start accessing your H.E.P., logging your workouts, and downloading our APP!

Add Your HEP to Favorites

Logging your first workout couldn’t be easier. By default, you are taken right to our calendar page. Your therapist will schedule your home exercise plan on the date of your appointment. You can log your progress by clicking the Log this Workout button!

Be sure to add the workout to your favorites as this will make future scheduling much easier.

Once saved to your favorites, to log your workout, all you have to do is select it from your favorites list. See the two videos below for a detailed walkthrough.

Logging Workouts

To track and save your progress, simply click into each exercise, enter your sets, reps, weight, or time and hit save!Since your HEP is saved as a favorite, you can schedule your workouts for whatever days and times work best for you.

Using the app

Once you’ve logged in for the first time and reset your password, you can go ahead and download our app for easy access on the go! You should see a banner add right at the top of your browser to receive an easy download link, or click one of the links below!

We’ve included two videos below that detail how to add a workout to your favorites in the app, how to log workouts, and how to schedule workouts in the future.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions via our message feature in app regarding technical issues. For help with your HEP or to provide feedback on your program, please contact your therapist directly.