MOTIVNY, in partnership with Nike Studio:NYC, is proud to offer 6 free virtual classes for the next two weeks starting Friday 10/22 and ending Wednesday 11/3.

#Motivmade For All is a series of classes designed around the idea that mobility and strength are as much building blocks of running as mileage and speed, and a key part in preventing injury in any training program.

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TOOLS for success

Our #Motivmade For All Series is designed for athletes of all levels and backgrounds. Whether you're a fast walker, slow runner, marathon hopeful or anywhere in between, we're here to give you tools to help you to mitigate injury, enhance body awareness, and increase performance.

This movement experience is focused on maximizing your joint function. Throughout the class you will be asked to perform various drills requiring full range of motion to a specific joint‘s capability, as well as expanding your usable range. A great counter-point to high impact training, Kinstretch classes help maintain an optimally moving athlete.

As an athlete exploring the NYC run community, you learn quickly the impact of running the streets. Mobility class will touch on some kinstretch and traditional running preparation drills, but also expand out of stretching into calisthenics, plyometrics, and stability.  On the other side you'll be a more durable athlete, ready to get back out for that next long run.

Our take on strength work tries to draw on your unused potential. We prepare you with breath work and mobility drills which are reinforced with strength and stability. Moving at a methodical pace compared to your average HIIT class, MOTIVNY strength hits with a more tactical approach.


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