Old Man Run Club is partnering with MOTIVNY, a physical therapy studio in Nolita, to offer additional resources for those of you taking on 'Welcome 2 The Oasis.' Whether you’re looking to prevent injury or currently recovering from one, MOTIVNY will equip you with the tools to get you to the start line and perform at your best.

Click below to purchase the Marathon Recovery Pack, schedule your recovery sessions and request your one-on-one Physical Therapy session.

Purchase the Pack

Marathon Recovery Pack

If you’re training for a Fall Marathon you need this package. Once purchased, you’ll have access to 1 Physical Therapy session, 1 Infrared Sauna session and 1 Normatec Boots session for $225.

Physical Therapy (1-hour) includes an evaluation, running analysis, manual treatment, and exercise program. Receive an online request form for your session following the purchase.

Infrared Sauna (45-min) treat aches, pains and inflammatory conditions through infrared waves that penetrate as deep as two inches into joints, tissues, and muscles. Bookable immediately after purchase.

Normatec Boots (30-min) this dynamic air compression system creates a restorative massage that is shown to increase circulation and help you feel refreshed faster. Bookable immediately after purchase.

*If you are already in physical therapy with us, you're still eligible to redeem your Infrared Sauna and Normatec Boots sessions at our studio. Shoot us an email at and we'll help get you set up.

Building Blocks by MOTIVNY

Mobility and strength are as much building blocks of marathon training as mileage and speed. Coach Michael and Ariel will be taking you through a 60-min workout that aims to enhance performance, mitigate injury, and give you the tools to build your own routine.

As apart of the #W2O programming, all runners will have access to 'Building Blocks' once a month through the training cycle. Classes will be hosted on Tuesday's 7 and 8 AM at the East River Park Track. Next class will be on August 24th. Please sign up below.

Explore our selection of Digital Programs from our Program Suite. We’ve got programs for athletes of all backgrounds. From mobility to kettlebells to strength for runners, discover workout plans designed by MOTIVNY physical therapists and strength coaches.