In 2022, MOTIVNY Outdoors created a membership for athletes looking for accountability and even more access to In-studio services and amenities. Now you can fully experience everything MOTIVNY has to offer beyond our community events and destination runs.

“The Mountain Sport Company”, Salomon was born in 1947 in the heart of the French Alps and the birthplace of modern alpinism. Salomon’s commitment to innovative design and passion for mountain sports created a vast range of revolutionary new concepts in Alpine and Nordic skiing as well as to footwear, apparel and equipment for snowboarding, adventure racing, mountaineering, hiking, trail running, and many other sports.

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MOTIVNY Outdoors and Salomon have come together to curate an even more unique membership experience. Get members-only merch and train with the latest Salomon gear, enjoy In-Studio programming, and receive exclusive access to the studio and future events all through this membership.

Members-only Merch

  • Salomon Aero Glides 2
  • MOTIVNY Outdoors X Salomon Co-branded Gear Drops (Delivered in)

In-Studio Perks

  • Train exclusively with other members. Access weekly members-only Outdoors Small Group and Women’s Outdoors Small Group.
  • 6 recovery sessions. Schedule at any point after a hard workout or an easy run. Choose between Infrared Sauna or Normatec Boots sessions.
  • 3 classes. Apply your passes to small group classes, strength or mobility classes including Mixed Modes, Kinstretch and Kettlebell Skills/Conditioning.
  • During studio hours, you’ll have access to lockers and the use of the amenities. Drop a bag off at the studio before a long run and/or use the bathroom and shower up afterwards.

Early and Exclusive Access

  • Access future events hosted by MOTIVNY Outdoors and  Salomon before everyone else.
  • Get members-only discounts off of the

Annual Membership: $300/Year

Enrollment Now Open For June!        Apply here for membership.



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