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Join us for virtual a Kettlebell & Mobility class,  an infrared sauna session, or unique in-person workshops to learn more about things like the Bulgarian Bag & speed training.



Kinstretch - This mobility class will help you develop maximum body control, flexibility and usable ranges of motion while promoting long lasting joint health.  We’ve got our own take on how to mix in many types of mobility training combined with Kinstretch principles. Join us in person at our NYC studio or over Zoom. Your body will thank you for the work you put in today.

Kettlebell Conditioning - This fast paced class is a blend of strength & conditioning training with special emphasis on building endurance & skills with the kettlebell. Expect a good sweat! Previous kettlebell experience not required.

Total Body Community Zoom - This free class is the perfect home workout solution. No equipment? NO PROBLEM! Our elite coaches will take you through a fun and dynamic 45 minute workout meant to build all around athleticism.

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Explore our selection of Digital Programs. We’ve got workouts ready for all types of athletes. From mobility to kettlebells and running to pregnancy, discover workout plans approved by therapists and designed by athletes for athletes.