Changing the Game

At MOTIVNY, we do things differently. With a holistic & highly-personalized approach to physical therapy and personal training, our team is here to help you stretch, strengthen, and enhance your athletic lifestyle for the long term.
Program HIghlight- Save 50%

Kinstretch Pack + Mobility Segments

Stronger Joints = Less Pain = Better Performance

Take control of your mobility training and experience the benefits of Kinstretch lead by Doctors of Physical Therapy & Elite Movement Coaches.

 What's Included

            • Up to 6 Months of targeted mobility training.
            • 24 classes. 45 minutes each. Conveniently categorized.
            • 40+ additional Mobility Routines, Drills, and Tutorials.
            • All the #hipjello you could want.
            • Lifetime access to our short form Mobility Segments
SALE PRICE - $75 - (Valued at $149)


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