Optimize your performance with MOTIVNY PT

Where Performance & Recovery Meet

We put you first - EVERY DAMN TIME. Here's what you can expect at every appointment.

  • 60 minutes of focused performance & recovery management
  • A comprehensive assessment
  • Guided movement & strength training
  • An individualized program delivered right to your phone to keep you on track

All appointments at our New York City studio are 1 hour long compared to the 30 minute industry standard.

A customized treatment plan and assessment including:

  • Laser-focused manual physical therapy assessment
  • Hands on soft tissue work
  • Movement Education
  • Digital Homework Plan to maximize execution

Physical therapy sessions include a comprehensive 1-on-1 assessment followed by manual treatment, therapeutic modalities, and an individualized strength and movement program. 

  • Functional Range Release, or FR® Release is an advanced, and comprehensive system of musculoskeletal assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation. FR® Release was created out of the most current scientific literature and represents a cohesive system of manual care using the most effective strategies currently available to assess, diagnose, and treat musculoskeletal disorders, pain, and movement dysfunction.
  • Functional Range Conditioning or FRC®, is a system of joint health, and mobility training based on scientific principals and research. Mobility refers to the amount of USABLE motion that one possesses across a particular joint. The more mobile a person is, the more they are able to maximize their movement potential safely, efficiently, and effectively.
  • Spinal Manipulation is a highly effective intervention often accompanied by an audible joint sound and pain relief. Increasing range of motion, desensitizing nerves or tissue, restoring blood flow, reducing muscle tension, and, like more active exercise, promote the release of endorphins as natural painkillers are just a few benefits.
  • Fascial Movement Taping following a sport-specific movement assessment is integrated to correct movement strategies, mobility and stability dysfunctions and improve athlete performance.
  • Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization via Hawk Grips® is an effective method to identify and treat underlying soft tissue pathology playing the primary role in limiting mobility and function.


New Patients

For new patients to reserve a time slot, our system requires a $195 deposit. Please select a New Patient Appointment. Appointments with Luke or David are $275. The remaining balance of your appointment will be charged upon arrival after your first visit.

We are an out-of-network provider and are happy to verify your coverage once you have scheduled your first session. In the event that your Insurance Provider does not cover our services, or if you have not yet satisfied your OON deductible, our session rate is $195 per appointment. 

After booking, you will receive an email prompting you to fill out a HIPPA compliant form with some basic demographic information, where you can submit your OUT OF NETWORK insurance information after booking. If your copay is less than the deposit, we will credit your account the remaining balance to use towards future appointments.

If you'd like us to check your insurance information prior to scheduling a time or if you need to request a time that is unavailable, please click here.


Current patients

Current patients can schedule a Current Patient Appointment directly into the calendar. Payment will be collected at point of service. No deposit is required. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept insurance or offer a cash rate for appointments? What about FSA/HSA?

In order to use your insurance to work with a Therapist at MOTIVNY, your plan needs to have Out-of-Network benefits.  Good news! We’re happy to check on that for you, and clearly state all of your out-of-pocket expenses before your appointment.  No Out-of-Network? We’ll happily work with you to use your HSA, FSA, or other means of self-paying for your visits.  Keep in mind that some HSA/FSA will require you to submit your receipts.

Are you accepting new patients & do I need a referral?

Of course we are! We’re happy to get you started with the therapist that suits you, and has the earliest availability.  Please let us know if you have a preference, and we will accommodate as we are able to.  NY State Direct Access Law does not require that you have a referral to start therapy (but your insurance could possibly require one).

Is there anything else I should know about appointments at MOTIVNY or how to prepare for my first appointment?

Once scheduled, you’ll be invited to our Patient Portal.  You can sign your pre-visit forms, input your personal information and credit card (required on file) for payment, and book/reschedule appointments.  Click the PORTAL link above to learn more. Your therapist will take you through a thorough exam and evaluation on the first visit, but also expect to get started with your Home Exercise Program.  Please wear clothing that you can move comfortably, and your therapist can easily access (skin if possible) of the area you’re interested in discussing.  We use a combination of manual techniques and therapeutic exercise which will be dosed depending on your condition.