Good Thanks, a hip Australian coffee shop in the Lower East Side, has been serving up healthy seasonal fare while creating a hub for the community to feel safe and at home. Scroll below for a quick 5-min Q&A with one of our go-to's.


For our second local business highlight, we caught up with Will from Good Thanks in the Lower East Side. Since 2018, this hip Australian coffee shop has been serving up healthy seasonal fare while creating a hub for people to feel safe and at home. If you're in the area and need something quick, make sure to stop by for excellent coffee, smoothies and natural wine. Scroll below for a 5-min Q&A with one of our go-to's.

The wine menu has been unreal. Tell us a bit more about it. Who's behind it? What's the theme?

I LOVE that you some other folks are so into the same wine were into. Our trade is mostly breakfast and lunch so wines do get forgotten, but were super into the natural and fun stuff, less generic and a little bit surprising just like us. I think even though wine isn't a big part of our offering, its something we care about equal to food and coffee! the program reflects us a business, non-traditional and always authentic. Its run by me and its very disorganized.


How has your community been a support system to you throughout the past year?  

The LES community is sick, people are pretty proud of the streets they live on around here. We have a bunch of locals that still walk through a foot of snow to get coffees first thing in the morning or try whatever it is that were adding to the menu. But biggest support I've experienced has come from the other local spots, Ive never been closer with the owners and staff at our neighboring businesses.


You’ve gone from pickles to t-shirts. What's next on the merch list?!

The pandemic shake up gave us a lot of time to see how we can continue to expose our band make a lil $$$ on the side. haha Pickles and jarred pantry items are fun and we only wanna make tees that look cool, not into just flogging a logo on a white tee. They'll always be creative and different. Next up were about to start roasting and bagging our own coffee!

picture of avocado toast


You clearly have a good sense of humor. Tell us more about the importance of creativity and humor at Good Thanks.

I think if your an owner operator of a cafe or restaurant, something that is so people facing and interactive, your space will always be an extension of yourself as an owner (if your working in it) and the staff around you. We think food and eating and drinking should be fun and creative, and offer a bit more than just a transactional place to eat and pay. We want to foster real relationships, creative partnerships through our cafe business. We have always said Good Thanks was to be a lifestyle cafe.


If 2021 is a food or menu item what would it be?

Hopefully dope breakfast sandwiches matched with funky natural wine.


What's one adjective that describes the LES clientele?



What's one non restaurant related goal you have this year?

Travel again! Probably Mexico and hopefully Paris and a few spots in Europe.

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New York, NY 10002



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