Local Guide: 6 Hidden Gems for Off-Days in NYC

MOTIVNY’s coaches work hard and train hard. 

But even we need a day off sometimes. Luckily, New York City has so much to offer if you’re looking to relax but still want to work on your health and wellness. Here are 6 hidden gems in NYC that our coaches love to frequent when they’re not training or coaching clients.

1. Beatnic 

With several restaurant locations throughout NYC (and even a couple out-of-state), Beatnic is a great place to hit up if you’re hungry and looking for some delicious and healthy vegan options. The SoHo location is especially nice, with its succulents, warm lighting, and that comfy hanging chair. 


2. Baya Bar

Referred to as “the best juice place in the city” by its loyal customers, Baya Bar is where you can get whatever juice, smoothie, or smoothie bowl you want for top-notch prices. It’s shocking just how many ingredients they have, and they’ll accommodate any need you have. Enjoy the boost of energy you’ll get from any Baya Bar product. 


3. CityWell Brooklyn 

Hop on a subway and head to Brooklyn – it's worth it to visit this boutique bathhouse. This nature-filled space offers amenities like rain showers, cedar saunas, and both indoor and outdoor spaces for relaxation and spa services. Our coaches especially like the community-minded setting, which reminds us of our own studio. 


4. Yours Truly Coffee

This SoHo staple is one of the best coffee shops in the city, and we love it for its top-quality drinks and friendly staff. The coffee matters just as much as the hospitality at Yours Truly Coffee, and it’s a great place to hang out and relax. 


5. Little Island Park 

This one might not be hidden, but Little Island at Pier 55 only opened in May 2021, so it’s well worth mentioning. This park features plenty of seating, flowers, and a waterside amphitheater. Head over just to enjoy the warm weather or check out the event calendar to catch an outdoor show in the amphitheater.  

6. Floating Lotus 

Tucked away in the penthouse in Midtown, Floating Lotus is a hideout that offers tons of wellness treatments. They offer acupuncture, a sensory deprivation tank, spa treatments, and even a Himalayan salt cave. The founders are all about meshing the modern with the ancient, and it’s a great slice of paradise on a very hectic street. 


There are so many places in NYC to enhance your strength and wellness outside of the studio (and we’re partial to these stores, cafes, and restaurants in SoHo!). The best time to head to any of these gems? Right after your one-on-one coaching session at MOTIVNY. Train hard, then keep the health and recovery journey going. 


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