As wonderfully complex as the human body is, it is also very efficient in taking the path of least resistance. This leads to poor movement habits that may cause long-term declines in performance if not addressed through proper training. That's why we've kept Kinstretch on our schedule, so you can sharpen your mobility practice and check in with your joints before they become problematic. We've answered your questions about Kinstretch and why we think it's so important to integrate it into your daily routine.

What’s Kinstretch?

Kinstretch is a movement enhancement system that develops maximum body control and USABLE ranges of motion.  Rooted in scientific research and the training methodology known as "Functional Range Conditioning," Kinstretch integrates the principles of strength and conditioning into a group class specifically dedicated to improving your quality of movement.

Traditional "mobility" classes that promise increased body control and awareness lack the necessary inputs to the nervous system to develop strength throughout your entire range of motion. The adage holds true here – if you don't use it, you lose it.

When you take a Kinstretch class at MotivNY, you'll be challenged to ACTIVELY move through your flexibility and taught how to develop neurological strength at the outer limits of your mobility. Ranges of motion you typically never train will become more easily accessible, leaving you with actual ownership of your movement potential.

Kinstretch? FRC? Mobility Training? What does all this mean?

When you train to improve flexibility, you don't guarantee control of your newly acquired range of motion if you don't integrate your nervous system throughout the process. In Kinstretch, Passive flexibility is trained so that it converts into usable, functional mobility. This is achieved by training joints at the outer limits of motion and developing neurological control at those ranges. These ranges are then continuously worked on daily, making the newly acquired mobility longer lasting and readily accessible.

The techniques utilized in class are rooted in what's known as "Functional Range Conditioning" (FRC) which is a system that we use at MotivNY to bridge the gap between rehabilitation and performance. Both our clinicians and coaches implement the FRC framework to collaborate with each other to support our patients and clients in achieving their performance goals.



Mobility vs flexibility?

Mobility is the capacity to actively move across your body's range of motion with control and strength. In contrast, flexibility is passively achieving positions without neuromuscular effort. At MOTIVNY, we take the time to teach this critical distinction and ensure both patients and clients understand how to integrate this into their lives. 

Why do we bother with end range mobility training?

We are more susceptible to injuries at our end ranges, where we may not have true ownership of those positions. By providing the body with more strength training inputs at these vulnerable end ranges, we are improving stress tolerance, increasing resiliency, and making our joints more robust.


Why is mobility training/Kinstretch beneficial?

Our Physical Therapists and Performance Coaches believe in facilitating our patients' and clients' independence and autonomy. Our Kinstretch classes include a built-in self-assessment system that teaches you how to screen your own body to pick up mobility deficits before they limit your movement potential. We see Kinstretch as an invaluable tool to reduce the likelihood of injury and improve performance by giving your body more resilient joints for robust movement to emerge from. The more you come to class, the more you'll learn about your body and how to take care of it for the rest of your life.

Where does Kinstretch fit into my training?

Kinstretch can serve as an adjunct training modality or a stand-alone practice. Either way, the more you practice Kinstretch, the better prepared you'll be to participate in physical activity safely, efficiently, and most importantly, without the fear of injury.
Our Kinstretch classes are designed to bring participants through positions and motions their bodies typically don't move through. This facilitates increased movement variability, which in turn helps reduce the strain of repetitive motion that often causes injury to the body.


Where can I attend Kinstretch?

MOTIVNY is the only facility with multiple Kinstretch-certified instructors who offer a variety of classes and times. We structure classes pragmatically so that they build upon each other and work towards tangible results. You can sign up for both our in-person and virtual classes through our scheduling portal.

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