Local Guide: Look Good, Feel, Good, Play Good

We wanted to take a moment and share some of our favorite small businesses in the SOHO neighborhood that fall under ‘Beauty & Wellness’. From spas to barbershops, facials to full body work, scroll through our pick of places in NYC that we count on to look good AND feel good.

local guide to NYC and SOHO


1. Avalon Acupuncture

Sara has been a trusted resource for many of our athletes for years. Whether you’re working on sleep, stress, pain, or something else, Avalon can fast‑track you to your optimal health.


2. Crows Massage

Trusted by many of our runners, Michael Croe draws from over a decade of teaching and practicing massage. For athletes, Michael is focused on increasing recovery and speeding up restoration using Chinese medicine and Shiatsu techniques.

3. Bathhouse

"Home for people who strive to look, feel and perform their very best.” Located in Williamsburg, Bathhouse has everything from massage, scrubs, and facials.


4. Cryofuel

Stop by and visit our friends at Cryofuel to restore your body and reset your mind with a quick cryo session. Ask about their membership program!

5. Human Nature NYC

Here you can find some of the best barbers in downtown NYC. Stop by and say hi to Motiv athletes Anwar and Yuke.


6. Inderma Studio

Started by NYC‑based esthetician, Nichelle Temple, Inderma is a holistic facial studio in Flatiron. Choose between state‑of‑the‑art technology or more traditional treatments with only organic and natural skincare products.


7. Morningside Acupuncture

This is where we send our athletes for dry needling. Teddy is a master at releasing tight muscles that can cause pain, limit motion and inhibit performance.
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