Anwar Isaacs, our first featured athlete and owner of Human Nature NYC, signed up for the 2020 Virtual NYC Marathon mere weeks before embarking on his first race of this distance. Find out how his roots shaped his training, how he accomplished 26.2 miles with minimal preparation, and what he has planned next.


Cred: @benjaminpratt

  1. You are a true New Yorker. Tell us a little about how that shaped you and your mindset as you approach your goals.
    Being from New York, I've always felt the pressure of competition - I couldn't help but to be influenced by it. It found its way to work itself in most aspects of my life. However, my relationship with it has evolved; Doing my best is still the driving force for how I approach things.
  1. We know you dabble in a lot of sports. How did you come to realize you wanted to run your first marathon?
    In 2008, I lost my first business to the recession, along with my ignorance. I was pretty depressed and felt lost. I had played organized sports for more than half my life, so it was in 2008 that I learned that I'm happiest when I'm in my body, so I began to run- It became my therapy. As I got more into it, I became attracted to running the NYC marathon. Growing up watching it on tv; It was always so intimidating. I knew I would regret it if I didn't run it before my time was up.
  2. You are an athlete, a business owner, and a father. What was it like training for a marathon in addition to all that you already do?
    My work has significantly been affected by Covid, so all of a sudden had a lot more time, but still was a little tricky. I share time with Lumi’s mom, so the days with him, I used for "recovery" and at-home floor work, which I really learned to appreciate. The other half of the week I'd get most of my long runs and bike rides in. Early mornings had become most useful because I still had to go to work on some of those days.
  3. What were the biggest takeaways for you when thinking about your marathon training? Mental or physical.
    I was recovering from a knee injury, and didn't think I was going to run the marathon this year. I had been receiving physical therapy at MOTIVNY, and David helped me get to a place where I trusted my knee again. So mentally I was in a really good place. I enjoyed every mile, but when running the marathon, I remember telling David, "I wish I was a bit stronger." We're definitely more focused on consistent strength and core work now.
  4. Tell us one word that explains the feeling of mile 22 of the marathon.
  5. Now give us one word that explains the feeling of the final steps of the marathon


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