Coach's Corner: Simple Strategies to Implement Mobility Into your Week

In a world where time is a precious commodity, finding a moment to squeeze in a workout can be challenging, let alone adding mobility to the mix. However, improving your joint health and range of motion doesn't have to be a daunting task. Here are three straightforward ways to seamlessly incorporate mobility training into your weekly routine.


1. During Your Workout:

Make the most of your gym time by incorporating mobility exercises into your workout. Start with a quick mobility routine as a way to prepare your joints for the upcoming exercises. This would be a great time to prioritize any mobility drills that your coach or therapist has assigned you. Mobility can also be completed periodically throughout the workout. Instead of idly waiting, perform mobility drills in between sets. Another option is to allow time at the end of your workout for a cool-down that includes mobility and passive stretching.


2. Morning or Bedtime Routine:

Kickstart your day with an energizing morning mobility routine. Spend 15-20 minutes focusing on key areas like the hips, shoulders, and spine in preparation of the day ahead. Alternatively, wind down in the evening with a calming stretching session before bedtime. This not only promotes relaxation but also helps release tension built up during the day, setting the stage for a restful night's sleep.

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3. Kinstretch Classes:

For those seeking a structured approach to mobility, consider joining one of our Kinstretch classes. Attend our in-person sessions on Wednesday nights at 6 pm or Saturday mornings at 10 am. Kinstretch is a unique blend of mobility and flexibility training, all led by an instructor. Let's be honest; mobility is far more enjoyable and effective when someone is guiding you through it.


By integrating these simple strategies, you can seamlessly work mobility training into your hectic schedule, reaping the benefits of healthy joints, improved flexibility, and enhanced overall well-being. Remember, making small, consistent efforts can lead to significant long-term gains in your health and wellness journey.




Having played football from his youth through college, Michael has spent years in the gym as an athlete and coach. He was first introduced to weightlifting as an early teen, and has worked with many styles of training since. Michael holds experience in various roles in coaching, management, sales, and membership. He joined the MOTIVNY team in 2019, and is available for one-on-one training (both virtual and in-person), as well as Kinstretch and Kettlebell classes. When teaching or coaching, you can find Michael dancing around to one of his playlists or cracking jokes. He creates a fun, yet challenging environment and invites others to join along. Certifications include FRCms, FRA, Kinstretch, and SFG2.

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