Remote Programming

Have you ever wanted to work with one of our coaches, but never had the time? Well, you can now train with them remotely, and follow a program designed specifically for you. 


If there is any good that came out of the pandemic, it is the ability to work with someone remotely. To this day, the MOTIVNY coaching staff still conducts some training sessions via Zoom. Furthermore, the coaching staff also offers monthly training programs for clients to complete on their own. A monthly training program is tailored specifically around a given client's training background, injury history, and access to equipment. Read through below for more details:


Monthly Programs: $350/month for a 3-month minimum

  • Includes a 30-minute on-boarding call, and assessment
  • Assigned workouts, and mobility training
  • Weekly check-ins and chat support with your coach
  • Access to the MOTIVNY video resource library


When a client enrolls in a monthly program, they first receive a 30-minute on-boarding assessment with their coach. The information gathered from this session influences what the training program looks like. From there, the client is assigned weekly workouts with specific instructions on weights, sets, reps, and rest periods. Each exercise includes a corresponding reference video for instruction. Once a workout is finished, the client marks the workout as 'completed' and enters any additional notes for their coach to read. The program is then adjusted from week-to-week based on the client's progress, schedule, or restrictions.



The MOTIVNY monthly programs are recommended for any athlete, beginner or advanced. Each 3-month training window includes opportunities to test, and re-test according to your specific goals. If you are interested in learning more about our training programs, then book a 10-minute complimentary call with one of our coaches! For any additional questions, please email




Having played football from his youth through college, Michael has spent years in the gym as an athlete and coach. He was first introduced to weightlifting as an early teen, and has worked with many styles of training since. Michael holds experience in various roles in coaching, management, sales, and membership. He joined the MOTIVNY team in 2019, and is available for one-on-one training (both virtual and in-person), as well as Kinstretch and Kettlebell classes. When teaching or coaching, you can find Michael dancing around to one of his playlists or cracking jokes. He creates a fun, yet challenging environment and invites others to join along. Certifications include FRCms, FRA, Kinstretch, and SFG2.

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