Kettlebell Athlete Highlight: Jenna Cervantes

You may have heard of our kettlebell classes or taken one of them. Our classes are for everyone; from the most advanced kettlebell enthusiast to someone who has never touched a bell before. What makes the bell so special you might ask? 


The kettlebell ,unlike many other pieces of equipment, is extremely versatile. You can theoretically accomplish a full body workout with just one or two bells, and have it be challenging for everything from your forearms to your quads. They challenge stability, mobility, strength and endurance/cardio and your mind body connection. The concept of not just building raw strength but also skill is why our group classes are designed around them. Being an ex-youth athlete, I loved the challenge that they brought, the full body awareness (and soreness), and the feeling that each time I stepped up to a bell it was going to teach me something about my body that I didn't know. 


Kettlebell Classes

My two kettlebell skills classes primarily focus on building our level 1 skills which is our swing, squat, lunge press, turkish get up. We slowly integrate level two patterns once you have learned  and mastered the basics (push press, snatch, jerk, and much more). Regardless of your level my classes always offer options and ways to adapt to your body and what you need that day. As the name suggests, Kettlebell Skills class will be more skill-based movement, while Kettlebell Conditioning class will include using those skills within higher intensity programming. That being said, expect to work up a healthy sweat in both classes!


Philosophies of Kettlebells

Every time you use a kettlebell, your body is going to be different. You may have slept great, or need more sleep. You may have an injury, or maybe you're just a bit fatigued. The kettlebell requires intention, deliberate movement, and focus. Below are a few of my golden rules/ philosophies in regards to training and the kettlebell.

  • Mastery of a kettlebell is not always in how much weight you can move but rather, how well you can move the weight 
  • NO shoes! Your toes are what start everything, your control, your balance, and movement come from them
  • Intention: Doing 3 good reps with proper form control and focus, is better than 50 reps without all of the prior listed. 
  • BREATH! this is what gives us power and creates tension and helps us keep pace when going for reps 
  • Having the mindset of a student or a learner is key, every time you pick the bell you will learn something new 
  • Most importantly, have fun exploring your body and all the amazing things it can do 



Athlete Highlight

Now that you have a better understanding of what my classes are like, I want to share a story from one of my athletes. She has shown patience, resilience, student mindset and has made immeasurable progress. Jenna Cervantes first came to my class having never touched a kettlebell. She practices Acroyoga and wanted to build strength and endurance for the sport, as well as to feel good in her body. Over the past year, Jenna has missed my weekly Tuesday class less times than you can count on one hand. Why do I bring this up? Progress takes time and it it isn't linear. Every week she brings her 110% focus; whether she was dealing with physical setbacks, with 14 hour work days when she didn't want to workout but did anyway, or even before dinner plans just because she didn't want to give up her workout. We simply made modifications when they were needed, listened to what her body told her, and most importantly showed up and put in work!

Screen Shot 2023-07-12 at 2.01.29 PM

She is now a kettlebell wiz and a core part of my Tuesday night classes. She continues to bring her radiant energy and is always listening and learning as if it is her first time with the bell.  She started out swinging a 12kg (25lbs) and can now confidently swing 28kg(62lbs!). She has seen strength gains in our class but also in other facets of her life. "Kettlebells have greatly improved my grip strength and shoulder stability for my acroyoga practice."

Screen Shot 2023-07-12 at 2.01.44 PM

Image by Sarah Letschert

Things don't happen overnight. It takes continual dedication to yourself to see progress as well as a continual desire to learn and grow as an athlete, and Jenna represents that every single time. 


Try it for yourself.


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