Lexa + The Kettlebell = A  love affair for the ages

She's known fondly in our studio as the Kettlebell Queen. You've probably seen her on instagram swinging heavy bells with ease, dancing her way through presses, and generally making fitness look easy. We took some time to chat with MOTIVNY royalty and learn more about how her kettlebell obsession started.


How did you become the Kettlebell Queen?


My journey with the kettlebell started  about four years ago. At first, it was just this very odd piece of equipment. I used to play sports and trained throughout yet had never seen anything as dynamic as the kettlebell. When my coach started incorporating kettlebells into my training, it opened up a whole different world and changed the way I looked at my training. 


KB HK windmill The dynamic variability of the bell really tapped into my athletic side. Each and every pattern is a full body workout, any movement you do requires a lot of stability, control, and attention to detail because so much can happen within a few split seconds. I fell in love with how I could shift so dramatically from moving with grace and fluidity to having to suddenly create tension and be stable as possible to move this incredibly heavy amount of weight. 


One of the biggest things I tell my clients is, every time you step up to the kettlebell, something's going to be different. Every time I step behind the kettlebell, I am feeling something different. Each movement flows a little differently. I'm activating differently. So you may know the skills but you're constantly getting some new feedback from it that will always require you to be 100% present.

Is it safe to assume the Kettlebell is your favorite piece of equipment?


Yes! Absolutely! For my own training and my one on one coaching with clients, I still incorporate different modalities, but I generally find a way to incorporate the bell. When I first put my hand on the bell I remember thinking this thing is weird. But I do stand by saying every person can get something out of using the kettlebell no matter what it is. It all comes down to moving properly and with intention. It's just such a great tool no matter what your goals may be. It's so versatile, easy to transport, and you can accomplish so much with such minimal equipment. 


SWING dewittFor many years I’ve battled a shoulder injury from volleyball and I never felt like I could see a light at the end of the tunnel. Once I started training seriously with kettlebells and in prep towards RKC things started to shift. By creating consistent programming and diving deeper on form, we were able to get activation in my right shoulder and build my grip strength, all of which had direct correlation to my shoulder and using only the kettlebells. These couple months shifted my view and really opened my eyes that like this one piece of equipment, this one ball of iron, was able to do so much. Not to mention it let me get back in touch with my training days which made me enjoy the process that much more.


What's your Favorite Kettlebell Move?

I have two actually. My true favorite is the kettlebell swing it is dynamic and power based. But on the other end of the spectrum is the Turkish get up, which is focused on full body stability and control not meant to be rushed through. 


2h swing lexa-low



Should I be training with the kettlebell? It seems a little...intense....


Everyone in their own way is an athlete and, yes everyone should be training with a kettlebell! Experiencing working with the bell at least once will not only teach you a new skill but also teach you something new about your body. It creates demand on every muscle and all of your complete focus.  It will give an understanding of what it's like when you're training as an athlete that you have to be on, be focused, and intentional with every single movement that you do. Kettlebells are as much of a mental workout as they are a physical one. That being said the kettlebell doesn't have to be crazy hard as it may seem at times. That all comes down to programming and accumulating volume safely.


There's no reason to be scared of the bell. It's a completely scalable piece of equipment. My recommendation is to start with the basics. You can do most of your strength patterns with a dumbbell  and a kettlebell.



How do I get started?


One on one training in my opinion is where everyone will benefit most when it comes to getting started with any new skill. Having worked with many coaches of my own in my career there are endless benefits to this setting. These one on one sessions give me time with you to create a program specific to you, understand your body, how you move and any injuries you may have. These hour sessions will also allow me to ask questions, answer your questions and have 100% focus on you instead of a whole room. Allowing you to walk away feeling confident the next time you step up behind the bell, either on your own or when you take class. But if one on one setting is not something that you're interested in, our kettlebell skills class would be the next best way to learn and own your skills!


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