Athletic Training: Who we are and what we do

An Athletic Trainer is a sports medicine professional who is considered one of the first lines of defense against injuries for athletes. If you have ever watched a sporting event and someone gets hurt mid game, there are usually 1 or 2 people wearing khakis with a pack around their waist running onto the field to assess the situation. They do a quick injury assessment and determine within 2-3 minutes the level of severity of the issue. That to me is pretty cool. Most of the time the athlete will come off the field to the sideline or locker room where the assessment continues on a deeper level to really determine what is going on and the next course of action which could include sending the athlete to a physician, sending them off to Physical Therapy or keeping them in house and treating them in athletic training room. 


As an athletic trainer I was taught a wide variety of skills from hands on soft tissue mobilization, taping and other modalities, to basic communication skills. Athletic trainers also have to go through hundreds of internship hours on and off the field in clinics performing rehabilitation to injured athletes. Through my college stint I was a student athlete, running cross country, indoor and outdoor track all 4 years all while going to class and interning like a full time job, it was a lot. Post collegiately I decided to stick to what I knew and focus on running. I have run on a few different teams, coached a wide range of athletes and directed a few races. I started my own running team in 2018, Streets 101, and have been working on growing that community ever since. 


Since running is a full body activity most of us always have some issue, whether it be tightness or an ache we have been dealing with for way too long before getting it taken care of. If you are reading this part and have been triggered then you are in luck, we offer a service just for you. Its called a Tune Up Session. A tune up session is exactly what it sounds like, a session focusing on making you feel better and getting you back to normal function. This session is great pre-race, post-race and anytime you are in training to keep you healthy and moving well. The difference between this and Physical Therapy is that PT is focused on an injury and/or return to activity, while a Tune Up Session is for maintenance, prevention and to look out for injuries before they even happen.


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If you are feeling some of those aches and pains and looking to get a tune up come check us out, you can book a session through our website.

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