Coach's Corner: Progressing Intensity In Four Steps

The Bulgarian Bags and Kettlebells are fundamental tools at MOTIVNY that give clients and patients various options to help train for both strength and speed. These rhythmic tools train your grip in a quick whip-like motion that makes training fun. 


These "accessory workouts" add high-volume sets and reps to your programming. You can "flirt" with higher intensities by using a simple four-step process that makes training dynamic, progressive in strength, and fun. 


Easy. Medium. Hard.


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Client Featured: Brian McCoach w/Coach JP Lemire


Step 1: Find the medium weight first. 

Find your medium weight by choosing the load that you've handled well the most. This is your "Goldilocks" weight: not too heavy, not too light, but just right for about 10 reps. 


Step 2: Size up and down. 

Find your easy and hard weights that are based on the target weight above. Size up and down with the idea you're doing something about 20% lighter and 20% heavier. 


Step 3: Pick your reps! 

Note: Let's keep the exercise selection to Bulgarian Bag Spins/Snatch/Arm Throw, Single Arm Kettlebell Swing or Snatch, Two-Handed Kettlebell Swing, and Goblet Cleans. We're looking for rhythmic movements with an arc.*

Strength: total reps each round can be between 5-10 reps

Easy/Medium/Hard: 3-3-3, 2-2-2, 5-3-1, etc...

Base building/Hypertrophy: total reps can be between 10-20 works well.

Easy/Medium/Hard: 8-6-4, 6-6-6, etc...

Conditioning/Endurance: your total reps can hit 30+. 

Easy/Medium/Hard: 10-10-10, 10-8-6...

If your movement is unilateral, count your reps per side. i.e for strength, 3-3-3 would mean 3/side-3/side-3/side giving you 18 reps in a cluster. 


Step 4: Repeat!

Repeat 3-5 rounds or until the quality of movement/technique breaks down. Take 2-3 minutes of rest and monitor over time how quickly you recover. Eventually, your rest intervals will shorten and you will increase your fitness. 

It's important to be very confident with your middleweight so you always have a "home" weight to use when your body starts to break down. 


If you need assistance understanding how to integrate this into your current programming, give one of our coaches a call. 







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