Coach's Corner: Adding weight to your rhythm

The Bulgarian Bag is a signature tool we use at MOTIVNY that uses the rhythm of your hips to improve your grip strength. Below is a workout I often give clients to put their rhythm with the bag to the test. 

Working in waves.. Easy. Medium. Hard. Repeat. 

In this approach, we are doing three sets of Bulgarian Bag spins in a row. You'll take your lightest weight first, medium second and a heavy third set followed by a 2-minute break.  We are using the same amount of reps at each weight to allow your body to maintain a "throwing" quality with each spin. 

As a conditioning/accessory tool, the bag challenges your grip strength and can complement your traditional weightlifting technique. Since this movement is circular/non-linear, a little weight goes a long way. 



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Client Featured: Brian McCoach

Weights: Easy/15kg, Medium/17kg, Hard/19kg


Step 1: Find your middleweight. 

 This is your "Goldilocks" weight or goal weight that you want to master. 


Step 2: Size up and down. 

Pick the next size up and down that works well within your skill level. Don't get too technical with percentages but rather refer to how well you can keep the bag close to your shoulders in the spin. Keep the bag just above your shoulders back behind you. 


Step 3: The work. 

Easy: 10 reps per side - 10kg / 8kg

Medium: 10 reps per side - 12kg /10kg

Hard: 10 reps per side. - 15kg / 12kg 

Rest 2min

Repeat 2-3 rounds to start. If you go heavy enough, your 2nd round should feel the best. 


The bag is an accessory tool and it ideally compliments your heavier barbell work. The work above can help you stress your hands without axially loading your spine and add more rhythm to your workouts. 


If you need assistance understanding how to integrate this into your current programming, give one of our coaches a call. 







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