Two Types of Kettlebell Training Classes in Soho NYC

If you've ever stepped foot into our Soho, NYC studio for class, physical therapy, one on one coaching, or if you follow us on social, you probably know that we LOVE the kettlebell here at MOTIVNY. 

We are so kettlebell obsessed, that we've added two different classes to our schedule, so that no matter what your previous experience, you'll be able to get a great workout and gain valuable experience with this unique tool.

We caught up with Coach Lexa to discuss the differences between the two. Check out this blog post to learn more about Lexa  and her experience with Kettlebells and Animal Flow.



What Kettlebell Classes do you offer?


So we offer two types of kettlebell based classes. Kettlebell Skills and Kettlebell Conditioning.

There will always be an upbeat playlist to keep you motivated, there will be times when the programming gets a little spicy so that is when finding the music and even throwing in a couple dance breaks helps. But most of all, class is meant to be a learning experience and to have fun while doing it.


Level One Kettlebell Class: Kettlebell Skills

Kettlebell skills is our level one kettlebell class.

If you’ve never worked with a bell before, this class is the perfect entry point for you because you'll be learning all of the basic skills needed to move a bell, and the why’s behind our intention, tying it all together to make a great workout. Those who are already familiar with the bell will have a chance to refine and work on their technique and work up a sweat in a fun and challenging way.


Check out this sequence for a sneak peak at what an example circuit in Lexa's Kettlebell Skill class could be like.               kettlebell-class-move-2.    kettlebell-class-move-3

Level Two Kettlebell Class: Kettlebell Conditioning

Kettlebell Conditioning is where we focus more around the level two skills like double bells, snatch, turkish get up, and overhead presses.


This class tends to be faster in pace, with a higher work capacity, but we still always emphasize that people are developing proper technique and feel comfortable with all the movement patterns. 


How is Class Structured?


Outside of the one bell two bell split, both classes follow a somewhat similar format.

  • Warm up
  • Technique and skill work
  • 1-2 Strength Blocks
  • A higher intensity finisher
  •  Cooldown

We start with some technique and skill work to get your mind engaged.


After that we move into our working sets, which generally start with a strength block, where we focus on moving through our newly learned skill with a sense of purpose and control. This is where I encourage people to pick weights that are challenging since we won’t be moving as quickly. Strength development is such an undervalued part of group fitness programming, but it is honestly one of the most important things you can be doing for your body in terms of long term health and fitness level. 


We then move into a higher intensity movement block. This tends to be more of a burner, where I will send you on your own with the skill and put them to the test. Class then generally finishes off with some sort of EMOM or AMRAP to empty the tank and tap into our endurance. 


One of the things I love most about our practice here at MOTIVNY is that we pride ourselves on striking a smart balance between strength, conditioning, and recovery. So to close out each class, we go through a few cool down movements, just to help your body reset. I use a lot of animal flow here, but also incorporate some Kinstretch concepts, which is an additional class we offer here at MOTIVNY and for anyone serious about mobility and recovery, I'd highly encourage you to check those out. 


Sounds like a great class, how do I get started?


I think that starting out, if you’re brand new to kettlebells, I would stick to the Skills class at least for a few weeks. That way you develop confidence in your movement with the bell.

After you're familiar with the basics, I encourage anyone to take both.  Each month we tend to focus on a set of skills that compliment each other from one to the next.


Schedule Class

In all seriousness, taking class, or just getting in movement daily is one of the best things you can do for yourself. I think it's super important that you show up for you, listen to your body and meet yourself at your limits. Give everything that you can and walk away feeling confident that you just gave your 100%.


I think that any chance to get behind a kettlebell and to learn, will always be better than not doing it. These classes are meant to help you learn, it's a great way to ask questions, and meet yourself and your body where it needs to be that day. I will always provide options if that particular modality of the skill doesn't feel right for you.



Curious what a class program actually looks like?

Click here to download two sample workouts.